4 Important impacts of Federal Budget on Migration

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1. What can you expect from the Migration Program 2020-21?

The government retains planning levels at 160,000 places

  • Family Stream places will increase from 47,732 to 77,300 places on a one-off basis for the 2020-21 Migration Program year

  • Priority is given to Employer-Sponsored, Global Talent, Business Innovation and Investment Program visas within the Skilled Stream

  • Priority is given to Onshore visa applicants and Partner visa applicants where the relevant sponsor resides in a designated regional area

Find more about last financial year's state and regional migration invitations in numbers:



2. What are the new changes in Partner Visa? (Family Stream) 


  • 72,300 of the 77,300 places in the family stream will be allocated to partner applicants.

  • A Family sponsorship framework will be applied to partner visas 

  • The framework will include character checks, sharing of personal information, and enforceable sponsorship obligations 

  • English language requirements will be introduced for partner visas and permanent resident sponsors - To help strengthen English language acquisition, increase social cohesion and enhance economic participation rate

Read more on Family Sponsorship Visa:  https://www.racc.net.au/family-sponsorship-visa


3. Important COVID-19 related Visa Application refunds


  • Prospective Marriage, Pacific Labour Scheme, and Seasonal Worker Programme visa holders will be able to access a VAC (Visa Application Charge) refund. 

       Read more on Partner Visa: https://www.racc.net.au/partner-visa-australia

  • Temporary skilled workers and visitor visa holders will be eligible to have the VAC for a subsequent visa application waived, to allow them to return to Australia once travel restrictions are lifted. 

  • Working holidaymakers will be eligible to have the VAC for a subsequent visa application waived, to allow them to return to Australia once travel restrictions are lifted or otherwise be able to access a VAC refund.

       Read more on Working Holiday Visa: https://www.racc.net.au/working-holiday-visa


4. Important Changes to Business and Investment Visa holders

  • From 1 July 2021, the Government will introduce changes to improve the operation of the Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP), with an aim to  enhance the quality of investments and applicants

  • The key change in criteria: All business and investment activity must contribute to Victoria’s economic recovery or health response to be approved for visa nomination.

  • Note: VAC visa application charges will be increased by an additional 11.3 percent (above regular CPI indexation) on 1 July 2021.

  • Earlier this year, the government has also announced that new incentives will be given to Hong Kong export-oriented businesses. 

       Read more on the update here: https://www.racc.net.au/tr-485-hongkong

Increased employability and incentives for Healthcare, Aged care, and Trade sector

Read more about the announcement on the Aged care sector:


Read more about the announcement on the Trade sector:



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