Good news for Health and Aged care sectors

Estimated to create thousands of Job

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The announcement of $1.6 billion to fund 23,000 additional home care packages was the centerpiece of the government’s aged care announcement on yesterday’s budget.

The budget also includes

  • $3.9 billion for the National Disability Insurance Scheme

  • $19.5 million for private health insurance reforms,

  • $11.3 million for training delivering quality residential care

  • $5.7 billion committed to mental health in 2020-21 including front line services and suicide prevention.

  • A3.9 billion for the National Disability Insurance Service

The support will focus on aged care providers and carers of people experiencing behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia.

This budget announcement is a part of health measures that defer large-scale reform while responding to urgent needs highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic and is likely to create a lot of jobs in the Health and Aged Care sector.


What is the implication of this announcement?

The health sector was already in high-demand in Australia, with this announcement it will spur further demand in the Health, Disability, Aged Care sector.

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