Australia Migration 2020-21
What to expect in 2021

Australia Migration 2021

Australia Migration 2021
With the COVID numbers dropping and the announcement of the Priority Occupation list earlier in September, and with an additional update on late November with the inclusion of 'Social Work' near future Migration is  shaping into a pattern. Also, the Government has set Migration Allocation quotas for different subclasses and in some states interim allocation is extended until further notice. 

Invitation Round update 2020-21

Subclass 189

  • 1040 Invitations issued so far in this Financial Year (as of 9 December 2020)

  • In the July 2020 Invitation Round, few Engineering Occupations were also invited.

Electrical Engineers with 90 Points (8 Months waiting period)

(It is important to start your Professional Year Program on time)
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Skilled Migration
Invitation Round Occupation

State wise Nomination update

Migration update

In line with the Priority Occupation list to build resilience in the Australian economy and COVID recovery, Registered Nurse holds the top spot with 'Secondary School Teacher' as the distant second.

Along with  Nursing, Health, and Teaching, there are astounding 7 Trade-related Occupations in the top 20.

Trade Sector
Trade continues to be a highly in-demand sector in the Australian Job Market, never more than today where the Economic recovery is the forefront of the Government's plan. 

The Australian Government is delivering a record $1.5 manufacturing Investment to create more jobs. This will allow Australian Manufacturers and Trade sectors to scale up, compete internationally, and create more jobs. 


  • Investment of $1.3 billion Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI),

  • $52.8 million expansion of the Manufacturing Modernization Fund

  • $107.2 million Supply Chain Resilience Initiative.

  • $50 million will be invested in the Industry Growth Centers initiative to support projects in the priority areas out until the end of June 2022.

Trade  Occupations ​​remain a highly in-demand sector in the Australian Job Market. If you prefer to get accredited and qualify for these jobs, there are certain courses which may help attain the qualifications. Following are a few of many:

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ICT and Engineering
Along with Nursing, Health-related occupations, Chef, Teaching, Social Work,11 Trade occupations remain n the top 50 Occupations as per ceiling Level with 8 Engineering and ICT occupations making it to the Top 50. 14 Engineering and ICT related occupations remain as in-demand occupations as per Occupation Ceiling.

Priority Occupation List

In September, Acting Minister for Immigrati