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Bachelor of Design

Bachelor of Design

Duration: 3 Years

Tuition Fee: $ 32,000/year

Initial Deposit: $16,000* 

Career outcome:

The Bachelor of Design program is focused on user experience design (UX design), meeting an increasing demand for designers who are prepared to design and to innovate for the ways people use technology every day. Blending design thinking and practical UX process and deliverables, the program develops designers who can critically engage with our rapidly changing technological world. This skill is in High Demand, more than ever before because of the changing work environment. More work will be done online and from your desk. A Bachelor Degree in Design may open up your options to explore work opportunities anywhere in the world.

  • In this course, you will get extensive design experience and graduate with the vital skills you need. Land down under's amazing spots and scenes, filled with art, festivals, and innovation will give you the inspiration and opportunity to kick-start your design career.

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