International students return to Austral

"International students are expected to be welcomed back under an NSW Government pilot plan for their safe return over the second half of the year, to help kick-start the billion-dollar industry", said Treasurer Dominic Perrottet. This sector will be pivotal for economic recovery, with the sector worth $14.6 billion in 2019.


International education is Australia's second most valuable export.

and we need to do what we can to help students return and revive this sector as quickly as possible. The treasurer also recognized the fact that, if Australia does not act fast, students will turn to other overseas destinations and it could take the sector decades to recover.

As a corollary to this, the Government has developed a pilot plan supported by NSW Health and NSW Police that enables 250 international students to come to Sydney per fortnight from mid-year, in a gradual approach.


  • Under the plan up to 250 students, a fortnight will arrive on chartered flights 

  • Universities will foot the bill for quarantine including security and accommodation

  • About 50,000 international students are waiting to return to NSW

  • This program will be running alongside the 3,000 returning Australians that come into the NSW hotel quarantine system every week.

This Pilot Program has carefully considered the personal, social, and academic aspects of the students. CISA strongly supports the detailed planning that has been done by NSW. Currently, The NSW plan has been submitted to the Federal Government for final review.

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