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Migration and Study pathway for the most in-demand Occupations in Australia

  • You can now apply for 3 Years of Temporary Graduate Visa (TR 485) upon course completion.

  • Find few of the most popular and in-demand Master courses in Australia below

There are study options all across Australian states with each having their own eligibility criteria for Migration, if you do wish to pursue. For example, Tasmania, QLD, Western Australia - each has it's own Graduate stream.

To know your study options and to get assistance regarding course application, book a Free Phone/WhatsApp consultation with our team via this link:

These are just few of the most in-demand options. There are more study options all across Australia for different occupations and profession group including Graphics Designing, Trade, Cookery courses etc. 

Book a Free Phone/WhatsApp Consultation with us to discuss your options in detail:

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