Talent and Innovators Program

The Talent and Innovators program provides opportunities and pathways for highly skilled migrants who can contribute to South Australia’s critical priority sectors. 

All occupations eligible for migration through state nomination are available through the Talent and Innovators program. Successful applicants will demonstrate how they bring new ideas, skills, and innovation to South Australia and can create local jobs. 

Streams Under this includes:

Employment Stream

This stream is for highly skilled migrants working for South Australian businesses.  


Your employer must

  • Be a business in one of South Australia’s priority Growth State industry sectors, or is an integral part of the supply chain supporting these priority sectors 

  • Be an existing business for at least 12 months, and have a premise located and operating in South Australia for the last 12 months

  • Have an annual turnover of at least $4 million: 

    • start-up companies may be exempt from the annual turnover requirement

    • businesses who operate in  outer regional South Australia may be exempt from the annual turnover requirement

  • Be a business of good standing and there must be no adverse information about the business.  ​


As the applicant: 

  • You must be earning a high base salary threshold commensurate with the expectations of the talent program (at least $80,000 full-time). An exemption to the salary threshold may be available for highly skilled applicants who are: 

    • working for a start-up

    • working for a business in outer regional South Australia

    • a recent graduate

  • If you are in South Australia, you must be on an existing temporary visa and working for a business already.

  • If you are currently in another state or territory of Australia, you must be on an existing temporary visa and have an employment contract for a position you plan to relocate to in South Australia. You are also able to apply if you are on a temporary visa, currently working for a company interstate, and intend to relocate to the South Australian office of your current company. You will generally be considered for a 491 nomination only  

  • You are expected to have Proficient Plus English levels, however lower English levels may be considered in exceptional cases 

  • You are expected to have considerable relevant work experience in the field, however, limited experience may be considered in some cases

  • Your employer must provide a short business case (maximum 2 pages) demonstrating how you, as the applicant: 

    • have the qualifications, specific skill set, and relevant experience commensurate with the job  

    • will bring new ideas, skills, and innovation to South Australia and can support local job creation

    • will contribute to South Australia’s priority Growth State industry sectors.

Outer Regional South Australia Workforce Stream

For skilled migrants working for outer regional South Australian businesses who wish to provide a submission for consideration.  


Your employer must: