South Australia State and Regional Spons

South Australia State Nomination Requirement

Residency Requirements 

You need to be residing in South Australia to be able to apply for South Australia State and Regional Sponsorship. 


You must be under age 45 at the time of nomination.  


You must have an occupation on South Australia's Skilled Occupation list and meet the eligibility requirements for that occupation. 

>>  Find South Australia's updated Skilled Occupation List:

Skills Assessment 

You must have a valid and positive General Skilled Migration skills assessment from the relevant authority. 

Work experience 

Skilled work experience must be undertaken post-course completion and is defined as a minimum of 20 hours per week or 40 hours per fortnight of paid employment in your nominated or closely related occupation

Some concessions apply if,

  • You are currently working in outer regional South  Australia, or

  • You are a long term resident of South Australia, or

  • for specified occupations.

(Applicants already working in South Australia and South Australian graduates may be eligible for exemptions or waivers to the work experience requirement, as specified in the occupation requirements.)


You must meet the minimum English language requirement listed for your occupation. Some skills assessing authorities may have higher English language requirements that you will be required to meet. Please check with your skills assessing authority prior to applying.


You must meet the minimum points requirement listed for your occupation (including state nomination points).

As an international graduate of South Australia, you have access to additional waivers and concessions to assist you to qualify for state nomination.

To be eligible for the International Graduate of South Australia (SA Graduate) pathway, the following study requirements apply: 

Important Eligibility for International Graduate of South Australia (SA Graduate) pathway


  1. Your course must be a minimum of 46 weeks (1 Year) and CRICOS registered.

  2. A minimum of 50% of your qualification must have been completed in South Australia

  3. You must have resided in South Australia for at least 1 year during your period of study

  4. You must have continuously resided in South Australia post-course completion

  5. You must meet the nomination requirements outl