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Higher Education

Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership

Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership

  • Duration: 1 Year

  • Tuition Fee: starting from $10,000

  • Initial Deposit: starting from$2,000

The revised Migration (Specification of Degrees) Instrument (LIN 24/048) 2024 lists the degrees that are considered for the purposes of subclause 485.231(1) of the Migration Regulations. This LIN allows the formal acceptance of a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma as a final qualification for a Post-Higher Education Work stream visa. If the applicant intends to use multiple courses to meet the Australian study requirement, they must demonstrate the courses are nested, or interrelated. 
For example, eligible candidates may be able to combine a 1-Year Graduate Diploma of Management course with a combined 1-Year Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership and be eligible to apply for 2 Years of Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) upon course completion.  

If you are looking to enhance your skills with a 1 Year course equivalent to Master, this ''Global Project Management" course be your perfect fit. This course is designed to refine and deepen understanding of strategic business developments. It builds specialist knowledge in using project management methods, tools and procedures that are adapted to global, cross-cultural environments. After completing a project management diploma, graduates are job-ready with the option to continue studying at master's level.

This course is designed for experienced Project Managers who want to formalise their education, or build credits towards a Master of Global Project Management. This project management graduate diploma will enhance the skills required to manage complex stakeholders and projects from planning to completion on a global scale. This course is available to study on-campus in or online and is both a stand-alone qualification and a pathway to the Master of Global Project Management.

Many students, also take up this course as one of the criterion to get a positive skilled migration outcome, the applicant hs to either of the following two:

Option 1

Completion of at least 4 full years of study (or part-time equivalent) in higher education (university) in Australia, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or the United States of America resulting in qualification/s comparable to the educational level of an Australian Bachelor degree or higher.

Option 2

An Academic version of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Test Report Form (TRF) that shows a score of

at least 7.0 for both Reading and Writing; and,

a score of at least 8.0 for both Speaking and Listening.

The IELTS test must be undertaken during the 24 month period prior to submitting an application.

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Temporary Graduate Visa TR 485.jpg

Hypothetical Case
Kim has completed a 2 Years MBA (Master of Business Administration) course and applied for Temporary Graduate Visa (TR 485).

She completed the 1-Year Graduate diploma of Early Childhood course while holding TR and also completed this 1-Year Global Project Management course. Since, she now has 4 years of higher education (University) in Australia, she can apply for Migration Skills Assessment as an "Early Childhood Teacher" without meeting English score requirement.

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