Immigration Summary 2019-2020

What to expect in 2021

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2019-2020 financial Year did not end according to plan which led a huge drop in Migration number compared to that of the previous year where 22920 invitations where issued.

  • 2019-2020 financial year saw a significant 66 percent drop in Migration number for subclass 189 compared to that of the previous year with only 7720 Invitations issued.

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2019-2020 Invitation Round

2019-2020 financial Year witnessed a major change in the Migration points system which included points for Single (Relationships) Applicants scoring points, additional points for state/regional migration, etc. It is understandable why the invitations were comparatively slower even in the early months of the financial year. 

  • The invitation numbers increased and maintained a good steady flow up till March 2020 where 1750 invitations were issued (Highest of 2019-2020 financial year).

Waiting Period

COVID-19 struck and disrupted the regular plan. The last 3 months of the 2019-2020 financial year witnessed a very low number of invitations for regular occupations with a focus on Nursing and Health-related occupations.

By the day, the waiting time after lodging EOI keeps on increasing. For example occupations like Accounting, Information Technology, Engineering are very high in points. 

Waiting period before COVID-19 struck was

(Please note that this only is the trend)

  • Accounting with 95 points, wait period was 9 months

  • Auditing with 95 Points, wait period was 4 months

  • Information Technology with 90 points, wait period was 2-4 months

  • Engineering with 90 points, wait period was 2-4 months

Note again, this data reflects pre COVID trend, with the disruption to the economy, alike businesses, Migration is being hit hard as well. The size and composition of the Migration program are set each year through the Australian Government’s Budget process. The COVID-19 struck economy witnessed the federal budget being pushed to October from July. Decisions regarding Immigration numbers are likely to be made tentatively during that time.

Increased number of Invitations for State Nomination and Regional Migration

In the midst of this, the number of Invitation for State and Regional Sponsorship increased compared to that of the last year. 

A Total of 21192 invitations were issued under subclass 190, 489, and 491 compared to in 17350 in the 2019-2020 financial year.

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What to expect in 2021?

Due to COVID-19, the Federal Government has pushed it's budget to October from June 2020. If everything goes well and Melbourne's stage four restriction is managed properly, chances are the federal budget will take place in October, and the government will announce the Migration ceiling and Migration plan during that period.

  • Australia's economy hugely relies on Migration and the Government is thinking to support International students and offering different incentives such as FREE Vi