With 6 new cases on the 2nd of June 2021, the Victorian Government has announced to extend the Circuit Breaker lockdown to at least 7 more days. Changed restrictions will be in place from 3rd June 2021 (11:59 PM).

Find the detail of the Changed restriction in effect from 11:59 pm on 3rd June 2021
(The Color-marked ones are the projected changes which will be in place from 3rd June (11:59 pm) compared to that of the existing one.)
For example, travel restriction will move to 10 km. from that of the exiting 5 km.

Authorized Workers during the Circuit breaker Lockdown

Any person who performs work that is essential for the continued operation of:

  • an Authorised Provider; or

  • authorized health services; or

  • funerary or mortuary services or related activities; or

  • marriage celebrant only if one or both of the two persons being married are at the end of life, or will be deported from Australia unless the marriage takes place; or

  • emergency services

  • essential infrastructure and essential services that are required to maintain or protect human health, safety, and wellbeing (whether provided by a public or private undertaking), and including construction, maintenance, and repair of such infrastructure; or

  • critical repairs to any premises where required for emergency or safety; or

  • faith leaders broadcasting services and ceremonies at places of worship; or

  • retail goods workers supporting the operation of click and collect or click and deliver orders; or

  • health practitioners, including medical, nursing, midwifery, and allied health students on placement, when undertaking critical training and examinations; or

  • allied health professionals working in private or public community services, whether clinic-based or home-based, providing essential clinical care where telehealth services are not clinically appropriate;

  • maternal and child health workers providing essential care to newborns or at-risk babies and children; or

  • a person who is critical to, and involved in, the State’s COVID-19 response (including in hotel quarantine and vaccination services); or

  • immunization and vaccination providers including pharmacy immunizers and Aboriginal Healthcare Workers

  • roadside assistance services; or

  • local government-specific services

  • a member of Parliament or anyone required to ensure the functioning of the Victorian or Commonwealth of Australia Parliaments; or

  • domestic and commercial waste and resource recovery services (including collection, treatment and disposal services and transfer stations),

  • services to support ongoing provision and regulation of electricity, gas, water, sewage and waste and recycling services and their maintenance; or

  • Commonwealth agency services, including Australian Border Force and Commonwealth law enforcement and intelligence agency services; or

  • services related to the administration of justice, including the operation of courts in Regional Victoria, and including prison transfers; or

  • essential legal services that are not able to be provided electronically, including urgent legal matters such as executing a will in-person; or

  • journalist and media services; or

  • feature film, television, and documentary (excluding television commercials, student and corporate productions) that is already in physical production and operating as a closed set and post-production relating to it; or

  • specialist services at telecommunications stores to support telecommunications as a critical service during the COVID-19 pandemic; or

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