On the advice of the Victoria public health team, Victoria will move to circuit breaker restrictions (Lockdown) from 11:59 pm on 27th May until 11:59 pm on 3rd June.

Victoria's public health experts’ prime concern: just how fast the B1.617.1 variant is moving. Overseas, they haven’t been able to track how quickly this version of the virus can move. Here in Victoria, though, we’re seeing not only how quick it is – but how contagious it is too. Our contract tracers are identifying and locking down the first ring, second ring, and third ring contacts within 24 hours. That’s faster than ever. And yet this variant is still moving faster.  

During the lockdown, you can leave home only for the following 5 reasons:

  • Shopping for food and supplies

  • Authorized work and education

  • Care and caregiving

  • Exercise (for up to two hours and with one other person)

  • Getting vaccinated.


Facemasks will be mandatory inside and outdoors, except in your own home.

People can only exercise and shop within 5 km of their home, but if there are no shops in that radius, people are permitted to travel to their closest venue. Shopping is also limited to one person a day for every household.

Private and public gatherings are not permitted, but people will be allowed to visit their intimate partner, and people living alone can form a single-person bubble with somebody else.

What will be open?

  • Restaurants, pubs, and cafes can provide takeaway services only.

  • Essential services including supermarkets, food stores, petrol stations, banks, bottle-shops, pharmacies, and other retail stores and provide click-and-collect services.

  • Hotels, clubs TABs, and casinos will be closed, along with swimming pools, spas, community venues, museums, and other indoor and outdoor entertainment.

  • Community events such as RISING in Melbourne will also be canceled.

  • Urgent dental care and construction work have been added to the list of authorized work.

  • Emergency surgery will proceed, along with some high-priority elective surgery, but general elective surgery will be halted for seven days.

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