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In-demand Occupation

There are few in-demand occupations for which you may get a positive skills assessment upon completing a Diploma course. 

✅Accredited courses starting from only $7,500 per year
✅Flexible and instalment payment option
✅Study options across all Australian states
✅Consistent PR invitations

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The Australian Government’s Migration Strategy was released on 11 December 2023 and outlines a new vision for Australia’s migration system, with a policy roadmap containing 8 key actions and over 25 new policy commitments and areas for future reform. Few policies are already being updated and in effect and few to be in effect from 1 July 2024.

One of the key areas of future reform outlined in the Migration Strategy was exploring ‘a reformed points test to better identify migrants who will drive Australia’s long-term prosperity. This is not a reform about the size of the permanent program or bringing migration levels back to pre-pandemic levels, but rather about who becomes a permanent resident through the skilled migration program. Getting the points test right is critical to restoring permanent residence at the heart of our migration system and maximising the economic benefit to Australia. 


Challenges with the current points test is the points test should focus on characteristics that are associated with migrants successfully finding skilled work leaving criteria of less obvious benefit (such as regional study and community language test - CCL, Professional Year) combination stronger than that of the work experience. In line with this, we may see a (1) greater weight on Skilled Work Experience in the newly implemented system. 

The Migration Review also considered that the Australian approach to points allocations was not sufficiently nuanced with significant cliffs between ages. For example, for those between 39 and 40 years old, one additional year has a significant impact on success in obtaining a visa – even if the actual difference between a 39 year old and a 40 year old is small at the margin. In line with this review, we may expect to see a (2) shorter age bracket classification in the newly introduced system.

The review also identifies points test does not fully recognise the potential contributions of partners; this has been a conundrum for ages now. Previously it was only applicants with partner who used to get points which was changed to take single applicants out of a disadvantageous position. If weight is given too much on partners skills, why not we consider that the partner should be eligible for the points system his/her own without having to rely on the dependent. Because, what it does is, it increases the number people and still keeps it within the quota. We do not quite reflect or realize the fact that a Skilled Migrant who is single is also possibly likely to marry or have a partner who is skilled in the future. It is incumbent for the policy to not give too much weight to partners but rather this can be solely under partner visa. But, we go ahead with changes without sometimes properly seeing the 360 degree picture and hence, policies keep on being erratic and inconsistent.

What the Immigration Minister Hon Clare O'Neil advised makes sense that there needs to be a clear picture laid out Infront of the students and applicants seeking to migrate and they must be given a relatively short time towards achieving it, for example 2 years of Graduate Visa which will not only keep the skilled workers but also take us out of the mess of Temporary visas.

Following are few of the (3) industries which are focused on the migration review and may have a smoother and faster pathway. These Occupations are the ones contributing to

  1. Net-Zero environment

  2. Digital economy

  3. Teaching

  4. Healthcare


Fig. 1: Comparison of Australian and Canadian points system

Along with the review of the points system, few changes are already in place. Read the latest update on:

  • Temporary Graduate Visa (TR 485) and,

  • Replacement of GTE and higher English requirement

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Temporary Graduate Visa Updates

The Australian Government has announced some changes to the Temporary Graduate Visa (TR) that will take effect on 1st July 2024.

❇️Proposed Changes:
⏳Age Limit to apply for TR 485 is proposed to be 35.

⏳2 Years of Graduate Visa for eligible Bachelor/Master courses

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Genuine Student Requirement

Effective on 23 March 2024


Through consultation and discussion with representatives of the education sector, the new GS requirement for international students will aim to identify students with circumstances that support a genuine intention to obtain a quality education in Australia, without reference or confusion to any future intention to migrate. 


The 300 word statement in the Student visa application form will be replaced with targeted questions. These questions will provide visa decision makers with an overview of the applicant and their reasons for wanting to study in Australia, to contextualise the documentary evidence applicants must provide in support of their application.

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GS Requirement
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Your Visa is Expiring Soon?

While considering your next visa option, we'd recommend to analyze and explore all plausible options before making a decision as what may have been a solution last year may not be plausible option for you, rather you may have new visa options.


What happened in 2023-24?
✅Immigration overhaul announced by Immigration Minister
✅Multiple changes to TR 485 (Temporary Graduate Visa)
✅Covid visa abolished
✅New pathway announced for Skilled Migrants
✅Increased focus on Health, Teaching and Trade sector

What to expect in 2024-25
✅States having various criteria for State Nomination
✅Streamlined application process for qualified candidates
✅Increased Training, Employer sponsorship visas

What to do if your visa is expiring soon?
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You may also explore following visas:

  1. Training Visa (subclass 407)

  2. Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa (subclass 482)

  3. Employer Sponsored Visa (subclass 186)

Training Visa

Training Visa (subclass 407) allows applicants to take part in workplace-based occupational training activities to improve the applicants' skills for your jobs, areas of tertiary study, fields of expertise or in a professional development training program in Australia. Training Visa could be an option for you after just working 1 year in your nominated occupation. Applicants from various occupations may be able to apply for Training Visa including, Marketing specialists, Chef, Teachers, IT workers, Accountants etc.

  • Work full time in Australia for up to 2 years with a Training Visa.

  • You may be eligible to apply both from onshore or overseas

  • May be able to change employer while holding the Visa

  • You may be eligible to accumulate the working years and increase your PR points.

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Employer Sponsorship and Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa

Employer Sponsored Visa received highest number (35,000) of visa allocation this FY, which is more than the total of the allocation of skilled migration points stream.

The government is dedicated to implementing changes to Australia’s migration system to ensure temporary skilled workers have a pathway to PR and the following change is in effect now:

✅Employers will be able to nominate holders of all TSS visa streams, including Short-term and Labour Agreement streams.

Which means, occupations such as: Finance manager, hairdresser advertising specialist, marketing specialist, human resource manager etc. all will have a permanent residency pathway through employer sponsorship program.

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