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October 2021 Invitation Round 

2nd Official result of the 2021-22 FY Invitation Round (October) has officially been published.

Invitations Issued

Find State-wise opens for Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers (Occupation ID: 2335):

State Wise open for 189 Invitations

Favourable States
Victoria is currently Open for State and Regional Sponsor and invitations were issued to Mechanical Engineers with the lowest cut off points of 75 for subclass 190 and lowest cut off points of 80 for subclass 491 (without State points).

  • Victorian Government relaxed the requirement as No minimum length of experience required and casual work can be considered (no specified work hours) for applying State/Regional sponsor.

  • Submission Window to Apply for Victoria State and Regional Sponsor is Open now
    Read morehttps://www.racc.net.au/victoria-state-and-regional-sponsor

Book a Consultation with our Registered Migration Agent (MARN1572961):

New South Wales

  • To be eligible to apply for subclass 190, you need to be residing in NSW for the past 3 months.

  • You can now apply for subclass 491 from other states as well. The submission window will open on January 2022.

  • NSW has a different Occupation list for different Region. (Mechanical Engineering is likely to be OPEN for application to 12 NSW regional development areas.)

  • To know your options, talk to our Registered Migration Agent.
    Read morehttps://www.racc.net.au/nsw-state-and-regional-sponsor-2021

South Australia