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TR 485

Graduate Work stream

Migration pathway and Study options for Nurses

Nursing is the most in-demand occupation in Australia currently with lots of job opportunities and a bright future. To meet the demand of this on-going pandemic, overseas and onshore applicants applying for their permanent residency visa was prioritized and also are currently in the priority list.

Career in Nursing

1. Diploma of Nursing

  • There are Nursing study pathways across Australia, you can decide to study across Australia. 

  • If you study in a regional area of Australia, you can avail of the benefits of studying in a Regional Area and ADD Extra points to your Migration Visa Application.

  • Metropolitan cities like Perth, Adelaide, and Gold Coast are considered as regional Areas.

  • Places liked Geelong, Bendigo, and Ballarat (Just 1-hour drive from Melbourne CBD) is also considered as Regional area.

  • You can become an enrolled Nurse just by completing a Diploma of Nursing course.

Enrolled Nurse

There are lots of study options for the Diploma of Nursing across Australia. You may want to have a glimpse at one of the courses in a regional Victoria:

Find out Migration pathway and Study options for enrolled Nurses and the latest PR invitation rounds:

2. Bachelor of Nursing

Nursing courses are in very high demand, most of the slots are quickly filling out for Bachelor of Nursing.

If you wish to pursue a Bachelor of Nursing, You can check Nursing study options across All Australia at different states:

Read more:

If you have a Diploma of Nursing or a Bachelors or Masters on any course, you may be able to apply for a 2 Years Bachelor of Nursing course.

Read more:

Bachelor of Nursing
Master of Nursing

3. Master of Nursing

Master of Nursing has been widely popular among international students.

  • If you have a bachelor of Nursing background, a Master of Nursing could be your next stepping stone to a higher management role related to Nursing.

  • If you do not have a Nursing study background, you may still be eligible to take a Master of Nursing in selected  Universities. For this, you will just need to complete a 2month course worth AU$700 on Anatomy and Physiology.

Read more:

4. Change Current Course

If you are currently studying in a different field and COVID-19 and any personal preference have impacted your decision and you choose to switch or change your field of study/course to Nursing, you may be eligible to do that.

At RACC Australia - Education and Migration Services,

  • We do not charge any service fees for onshore student visa applications.

  • No service fee for change of School

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Overseas Registered Nurses


Option 1: Conversion Program

If you are a Registered Nurse already in your home country, you may be able to transfer your accreditation with a conversion program. 

  • Conversion Program is of very high demand and generally has limited seats.

  • Conversion Program is a 1 Year Bachelor's Program which is hugely popular among overseas Registered Nurse.

Combining the Conversion Program with Another Course

Upon combining with the conversion program, there are 1-year courses that may make you eligible to apply for a TR 485 (Temporary Graduate Work Visa for 2 Years. Check out a few popular Nursing related courses here:

For more information, book a FREE Consultation with RACC.

Option 2: Bridging Course and OBA (Outcomes-based Assessment)

The Bridging Program for Nurses has officially closed and is now replaced by the Outcomes-based Assessment (OBA) moving forward. For those who have registered with AHPRA from 1 October 2019 to 21 February 2020 and are given a referral letter are the only ones who can do the Bridging Program. If they have not registered with AHPRA yet and will just register now, they will have to do OBA.

  • MCQ Exam

  • Practical Exam.

There are preparatory classes for OBA Exam.

If you wish to prepare yourself for the Exam, you can contact RACC.

There are some professional coaching providers and for both Written and Practical Exams.

Read more:

Option 3: Bachelor/Masters Course

You may still wish to take a Bachelor or Masters Degree in Nursing to upskill your overseas accreditation.

There are Bachelor and Master courses with partial Scholarship available across different states. To know your options and study pathway, book an Online Consultation with us:

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