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Chef (Hospitality)
Migration and Education

Good news for Chefs, Cooks, and Cookery students as Chef is still an in-demand occupation. Along with the main priority migration occupation list of, Chef also remains as a priority occupation for all different states. As  worker shortage spirals, the demand for Chef and Cook continues to grow by the day.

  • Chef is in demand across all Australian states

  • Recent PR invitations issued starting from only 50 points (excluding state points)

  • 2 years Temporary Graduate Visa with full time working right.

You must make sure that you have completed the JRP (Job Ready Program) before you apply for PR

JRP for Chefs

There are Chef/Hospitality course  study options all across Australia
To find out your study options, book a FREE online consultation with us:

  • At RACC, we do not charge any service Fee if you apply for a course from onshore through us.

  • We are connected to Cricos provided schools and institutes all across Australia. The following are only a few of the current most popular and in-demand courses in South Australia.

Recently there is an update on country Level, many countries like Vietnam went up the rank and now is listed as a Level 1 country, whereas few countries dropped down in ranking. For example, Indonesia moved to Level 2 from Level 1 position and , Thailand moved from Level 2 to Level 3.

What does this mean?

Applicants/Students fall into one of thíee assessment levels (1,2 & 3) based on their country of origin and the

education sector in which they are planning to study.

Assessment Level 1 represents students with the lowest immigration risk and Assessment Level 3 the highest.  The higher the assessment level, the greater the amount of evidence an applicant is required to provide in order to  support their student visa application. This could be challenging for many applicants, as you may require to prove Financial Evidence and meet minimum English requirement (IELTS/PTE).

Do not worry, RACC is here to help!

How can RACC help?

  • Assess your background

  • Assess your country level and advice study options accordingly

  • You may still be eligible to apply without having to:

    • show Financial Evidence

    • sit for IELTS/PTE exam

  • We speak your language (Thai, Bahasa, Indonesia, Malay, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog, Bisaya, Hokkein, Vietnamese etc.)​

  • Advice on perfecting your GTE statement or Statement of purpose

We are not only an Education Agent but also a Registered Migration Agent (MArn1572961) with more than 15 years of industry experience).

Regarding Migration options for Chef or Cookery course study options, book a Free Phone/WhatsApp/In-person consultation (You can book from onshore/offshore) with us via this link:

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