New Driving Laws in Victoria for Temporary visa holder including international students

On November 29, new driving laws were introduced that make it mandatory for all temporary visa holders, including foreign students, to obtain a Victorian driver's license within six months of moving to the state to begin driving on the roads of the state.


Under the new Victorian road safety laws, overseas driver license holders that are intending to stay for 6 months or more will need to convert their overseas to a Victorian license, regardless of their visa status.


 Previously, temporary visa holders were allowed to drive on their overseas license until they had their permanent residency, and those with permanent visas had six months to get a local license.


Temporary visa holders who already live in Victoria and have not converted their license yet have six months from October 29th, 2019 to do so.


Interstate drivers and those from 26 recognized countries who are eligible to convert their licenses to Victorian license without a driving test also have six months to do so.

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