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NSW Regional Migration - ORANA

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Key Takeaways

  • You can apply while residing in other states

  • The last submission window for this financial year closes on March.

  • You do not need a job Offer or a job to apply

  • You must have a positive skills assessment in your nominated occupation

Orana is hugely investing on Energy and Clean technology sector by building up new infrastructure to reach the net zero industry goal.  By accelerating the development of clean technology and decarbonisation, Orana focuses to grow the economy, support jobs and significantly reduce emissions.

Net zero industry and emission has 3 focus areas. 

  • Clean technology innovation

  • New low carbon industry foundations

  • High emitting industries

Earlier last month, an extra $300 million was announced to expand these focus area as part of the Government’s response to the closure of Eraring power station- external site. This will accelerate the roll out of new low carbon industries and is expected to create up to 500 new jobs.

Orana has recently been attracting a lot of migrants due to it's exponential economic growth and job opportunities. Find below the list of Occupations which are Currently OPEN (as of 17 March 2022) for Migration and listed in the priority list. 

  • If you have a positive skills assessment, you can apply from ANY state.

  • Submission window closes by the end of this month

Also, depending on your occupation, you may have other RDAs (Regional Development Areas) as an option as well to choose from for you NSW regional Migration application. Find more on NSW Regional sponsor and the submission:

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Find more on Migration pathway and study option for Trade Occupations:
Find more on Migration pathway
 and study option for Engineering Occupations:

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