Good News for Teaching Professionals in NSW

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​Good news for Teaching Professionals in NSW

  •  Treasurer Dominic Perrottet and Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell announced a $400,000 investment to develop a brand new strategy dedicated to attracting the best and brightest from other professions into the teaching profession. 


  • This also means that professionals are being encouraged to make a mid-career jump to teaching through a newly created pathway developed by the NSW government.


  • Mr. Perrottet said the model would be jointly developed by the NSW Government and Teach for Australia, drawing on their experience in attracting mid-career and high achieving professionals into teaching. 


  •  “This partnership will look at enabling successful mid-career professionals to make the switch to teaching by lessening the adverse financial impact of taking time out of the workforce to gain a teaching qualification.” 


  • Subject areas and schools with teacher shortages will be targeted – particularly science, maths and TAS (Technology and Applied Sciences), and rural and remote schools. 


  • “We know that more teachers are required in priority subject areas as well as our rural and regional schools, and this partnership will enable us to attract more high-quality people into the profession,” Ms Mitchell said. 


  • This model is one of a range of initiatives the NSW Government is implementing to bolster the teaching workforce, including targeted scholarships in priority subject areas and the Casual Supplementation Program.

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