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Date: 1 October (2020)
Time: 5:45 PM - 7:00 PM
Online Webinar

Registration will start at 5:45 pm (Please join  by 5:45 and wait in the waiting room, access will be granted after verification, please Join in with your FULL NAME (the one used in this registration form)

Join Zoom Meeting
(ID and link will be provided upon registration, a day before the Event)



Registered Migration Agent will be providing helpful updates and advice on MIgration pathways and Visa options.
Topics within this session include:

✅ Popular Trade Courses
✅ Hospitality, Cookery courses
✅ Trade Courses in Regional Area
✅ Affordable Courses
✅ Information on changing your existing Course
✅ Study options across different states
✅ Migration updates


If you are on your Working Holiday Visa and looking for Visa options,

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