Restriction Tightened for Victorians


New Restriction updates for Victorians 


From 22 June, Victoria State government has extended its restriction for coronavirus(COVID-19) to a further date with much more stricter rules. All changes to restrictions and the proposed dates are subject to the advice of Victoria’s Chief Health Officer and the continued and effective management of the spread of COVID-19. 


Social Gathering 

  • Visiting house – up to 5 visitors

  • public gathering – up to 10 people


Restaurants, Bars and Pubs

  • Up to 20 patrons to dine in per enclosed area. 


Entertainment and Culture

  • Theatres, cinema, animal facilities, museums, libraries – Up to 20 people per given space.


Religion and Ceremony 

  • Worship – 20 people 

  • Wedding – 20 people, plus the couple and the celebrant

  • Funeral – 50 people, the person leading the funeral and other funeral staff


Sport and exercise

  • Gym – 20 people per space, 10 people per class

  • Contact sport training and competition can resume for people 18 years old or younger. 

  • Non- contact competitions can resume for all ages. 


Work and Study

  • Continue working from home. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) current status and case numbers, updated on 25 June 2020 9pm. 


The first COVID-19 case was recorded in late January 2020 and since them the department of health has been taking serious precautions and steps to maintain all residents of Australia to be safe. 


Latest cases recorded in Australia from 22 January to 25 June 2020.

If you are not feeling well, or think you have symptoms of Coronavirus, you should get tested. Find out more at:


Remember to stay safe by washing your hands, keeping your distance from others and staying home if you feel unwell. 


For more detailed about the Victoria’s restriction levels, visit

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