Roadmap to Reopening - VIctoria

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Victorian Premier Dan Andrews addressing the media now and have planned out a four-stage process before the State moves to COVID Normal. However, to reach the next stage, the threshold of that of the previous are to be met.

101,000 people are expected to return to the job by 28th September 2020.

Among the industries which are likely to open are Childcare, Warehouse, Construction, Manufacturing. 

Commencement Dates:

First Step: 13 September 2020

The current Curfew eased from 9 pm - 5 am 


Second Step: 28 September 2020

Curfew  from 9 pm - 5 am 

Third Step: 26 October 2020

No Curfew

Last Step: 23 November 2020
No Curfew

COVID Normal

When the threshold is met

All these dates are however subject to the threshold being met, check out the thresholds and full roadmap below:































VISA Extension During COVID-19

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