South Australia Border Update

The SA Government has released an update on border travel restriction. The Emergency Management (Cross Border Travel No 7) (COVID-19) Direction 2020 has been revoked and replaced by the Emergency Management (Cross Border Travel No 8) (COVID-19) Direction 2020, effective 9 July 2020.

Travelers are classified into three categories:

  1. Persons who come from low community transmission (Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia, and Tasmania) and for the 14 days prior to arrival have not been in any other place other than a low community transmission zone.  These people do not have to comply with any of the requirements of the Direction.


  1. Persons traveling from a place outside of South Australia (other than Victoria). All persons arriving from a place outside of South Australia, other than from a low community transmission zone, must self-quarantine in accordance with Schedule 3 of the direction unless they are an Essential Traveller (National and State security and governance, Emergency Services Worker, Commercial transport and freight services – general, Remote or isolated workers-general, Cross border community members who have reasonable cause to travel across the border for)


  1. Persons traveling from Victoria.  A person traveling from Victoria is prohibited from entering South Australia unless they are an Essential Traveller under Schedule 2 (being for the purpose of National and State security and governance, Health Services, Commercial transport, and freight services, Urgent medical, dental or health treatment with SA government approval, Passing through, Compassionate grounds, Consular employee)


Schedule 3 – Self Quarantine requirements.

A person who is required to self-quarantine must:

  1. Identify a suitable place to reside and remain for the 14 days commencing on the date of arrival

  2. Must travel the most direct route to that place

  3. Remain at that place segregated from other persons

  4. Remain at that place, except for obtaining medical care or supplies; any other emergency situation or for a reason approved by the State Coordinator or his delegate

  5. Takes reasonable steps to ensure no other person enters that place unless they usually live there, or the other person is self-quarantining or for medical or emergency purposes.

It should be noted that if that person who normally resides at the premises is not also self-quarantining then the place is not deemed suitable for the self-quarantining of the person.

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