Victoria declares State of Disaster

Victoria Lockdown.webp

Following 671 new cases today, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announces State of Disaster from 6 Pm Sunday (2 August 2020).

Melbourne will be in curfew till 13 September 2020. Police will have additional power to get the job done, and there will be no question regarding how it will operate.


Stay at home will have tighter restrictions.

Along with the 4 reasons to leave home, there will be additional limits.

The curfew will be in place from 8 pm to 5 AM until 13 September 2020.


  • You will no longer be able to leave home and go further than 5 kilometers of radius

  • Only one person can go shopping once per day within 5 kilometers

  • Recreational activity will no longer be available

  • You can have a maximum 1 hour of exercise

  • There will be no groups bigger than 2

  • Melbourne will move on to a Stage a 4 Lockdown from 6 PM

  • Face Covering is compulsory

  • Public Transport services will be reduced during curfew hours.

Following are the official announcements made:

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Stage four lockdown.webp