Red Cross to provide support to Migrants

For people who are experiencing financial hardship during COVD-19 time; Red Cross has decided to deliver emergency relief and casework support for the next six months by using the Australian Government funding support.

These funds are for TEMPORARY VISA holders who are not able to support themselves and in urgent need of food, medicine and accommodation costs.


Who is eligible?


🔹Temporary visa holders in Australia

🔹In urgent financial hardship

🔹 Cannot access Centrelink, Medicare or similar services

🔹 No income, savings or other financial support (including from family overseas)


Red Cross will provide assistance based on people who have urgent needs, such as


🔸 families with young children,

🔸 people with a disability,

🔸 people who are experiencing harm,

🔸 people who are vulnerable to COVID-19,

🔸 people with physical or mental health issues.



How to apply

After Red Cross has the funds and arrangements in place, the eligible people could email Red Cross and they will get back to them. Once people requested help, Red Cross will speak to you and see if they could assist with emergency payments, food deliveries, crisis accommodation costs or other support.


Red Cross will provide their assistance by phone and email during phone and email.


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