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Migration and Study pathway for the most in-demand Occupations in Australia

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Contemplating between applying for Temporary Graduate Visa (TR 485) or Another course?
If you are graduating soon and contemplating to choose between applying for Temporary Graduate Visa (TR 485) or, another course, this article might help you to decide your next step.​ The upcoming changes with possible extended TR period for your course will be in effect for applications lodged after 1 July 2023. Read more about the upcoming changes and requirements for Temporary Graduate Visa (TR 485):

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Simple as it may sound, it is not only a choice between two. Your choice also may open up new pathway and opportunities depending on where you would like to study or spend your Temporary Graduate Visa.

For example,

  • You can get additional 10 points if you spend 2 years in Canberra during your TR 485.

  • You can get additional 20 points if you study and work in Canberra for 2 years.

  • You can get 3 years of Temporary Graduate Visa if you have graduated from Master course.

  • You can get up to 4 years of Temporary Graduate Visa if you have graduated from a regional area (apart from Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland - all states are considered regional area.

Skills Assessment
Please, note that, you do need to get a positive skills assessment in your nominated occupation before you are eligible to apply.
If for example, you are a bachelor graduate and your occupation is assessed by VETASSESS, you at least need 1 year of work experience in your nominated occupation. Only after attaining a positive skills assessment, you may be eligible to apply for Permanent Residency.

Similarly for IT occupations, you either need to have a 1 year of work experience or, a Professional Year Program to be able to apply for Permanent Residency.

It becomes more challenging, if your occupation is in the STSOL (Short Term Occupation List), which means the occupation needs to be listed in specific states and you need to meet the requirement of that state for Permanent Residency application. If you are qualified of only 2 years of Temporary Graduate Visa, it may often be challenging to have enough time to apply for permanent residency and receiving an invitation while holding TR 485. Eventually, a big number of students end u going for another Visa while waiting or hoping for their PR invitation. 

But, by making and evaluating these choices beforehand, you can make the right decision and choose your next Visa, may it be TR 485 or student visa.

Temporary Graduate Visa (TR 485) promotion
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Master Course or, 1 Year Graduate Diploma
There are a lot of Master course study options starting from Graphics Design, Human Resource, Management, MBA to the most in-demand courses like Cyber Security, Social  Work, Teaching, Medical Science etc.

Find out few of the most in-demand Master course study options here:

Popular Graduate Stream across different States
State and Regional migration has become a popular option over the last few years as applying through subclass 189 has become slightly challenging in the recent years. Each  Tasmania South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, NSW has Graduates stream.

  • You can get additional PR points if you study in Canberra

  • You may be eligible for Tasmania Regional sponsor with an eligible 1 year course

  • You may get work requirement exemption if you qualify as a High Performing South Australian Graduate

  • In Western Australia, There is an invitation round every month for Higher Education Graduate Stream)

  • Queensland has flexible PR criteria for it's graduates

  • NSW has different streams for it's graduates

Check the visa allocation for 2023-24 Financial Year:

Find out few of the most popular Graduate stream options:

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