Top 20 Occupations in the Priority Occupation List

(For 2020-21 Financial Year)

Migration Ceiling

With the COVID numbers dropping and the announcement of the Priority Occupation list earlier in September, near future Migration is falling under a pattern. Also, the Government has set Migration Allocation quotas for different subclasses. Following is the Invitation updates as of now:

Invitation Round

Priority Occupation List

In September, Acting Minister for Immigration Alan Tudge has announced a new Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) of 18 occupations that will be able to enter Australia to assist in the country's COVID recovery. Which includes mostly Health-related Occupations and Social Worker.

Find the full Priority Occupation List:

Social Worker
A Bachelor's or, Master's of Social Work could be your first stepping stone as a career to become a Social Worker.
You can take up a Social Work Course all across Australia.
Please note that the Master of Social Work has a prerequisite which entails that you have completed 2 Sociology related subjects in your previous study. If you are currently studying for a Bache9

Nursing Occupations

Nursing i