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Update on Victoria State Nomination

Victoria Nomination

Update on Victoria State Nomination

From June onwards, the Victoria state nomination for visa subclass 190 has been closed. However, The Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs has announced that that they are preparing to provide a limited number of visa nomination places to the Victorian Government starting October this year.

People are advised to prepare their EOI (Expression of Interest) beforehand so that it will be ready once more information available and state nomination reopens.

In the 2019/2020 Financial Year, Victoria had the highest number of invitation for the state and regional migration (subclass 189/190/491) with 5,985 invitations in total.

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YTD Invitation Stats​​​

Following is the YTD December 2023 invitations statistics from across states. Most the states are well above their timeline in terms of subclass 190 invitation apart from NSW; there is likely to be a relatively large invitation round from NSW happening in the coming months. Also, among few other states which are yet to issue a lot of subclass 491 invitations, NSW has the lowest number of invitations so far; there is likely to be invitations from NSW for subclass 491 as well. 

Victoria ran it's first invitation round in 2024 for subclass 190 and subclass 491 earlier this week. Among many; few notable occupations which our clients have received invitation are from Health, IT and Teaching sector and invitations were issued with relatively less points starting from only 65 points (including state points).

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Victoria State and Regional Sponsor

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