To be selected for Victorian skilled visa nomination, you must first submit a Registration of Interest (ROI).

When to apply?

Victoria’s Skilled Migration Program for 2021-22 will open to new Registration of Interest (ROIs) on 7 July 2021.

The Department of Home Affairs has provided Victoria with the following allocations:

  • 3,500 subclasses 190 places and,

  • 500 subclasses 491 places.

This year we will be selecting candidates who are currently living and working in Victoria, using their STEMM skills in a Traget Sector.

Following are the specified Target Sectors

  • Health

  • Medical Research

  • Life Sciences

  • Digital

  • Agri-Food

  • Advanced Manufacturing

  • New energy, emissions reduction, and circular economy

To be selected to apply for skilled visa nomination, you must be currently working in one of our target sectors using your STEMM skills.

If you are seeking subclass 190 nomination and working in the digital sector, please note that we are currently only selecting candidates working in cybersecurity. However, if you are using digital skills in a different target sector (e.g. software developer working in health), you may also be selected.

Applicants using their STEMM skills in a business precinct will be highly regarded. Examples of business precincts are:

  • Parkville

  • Footscray

  • Docklands

The major changes to the 2021-22 program are

  • The removal of the minimum experience and hours worked requirement.

  • An increase in the number of target sectors

  • Applicants must have STEMM skills and have a Skill Level 1 or 2 occupations. Applicants for subclass 491 nomination may also have a Skill Level 3 occupation using their STEMM skills.


**Please note that Victoria ROI submission windows are generally small and span over only up to 7 days.

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