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Student Visa Extension

Visa Expiring soon?

If your current Visa is expiring soon and you are willing to apply for a student visa, you need to apply for this Visa before your current visa expires. Overstaying your current Visa is a breach of Visa condition.

It is recommended to apply for a new Student Visa or, a Student Visa extension 3-6 months before your current student visa expiry date. However, if you are already late and your student visa is expiring soon have not done so yet, contact us today.

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Following are the common reasons for which you may have to extend your Visa:

  • You have commenced a new course

  • Your study period has been extended

  • You have submitted a proposal for Research/PhD but the outcome did not come yet and you would have to wait for the outcome

  • your current visa will expire before you can complete your course due to failed subjects, a Leave of Absence or, a Reduced Study Load.

  • your first visa was canceled administratively by the Department of Home Affairs.


If applying inside Australia, you will be granted a Bridging Visa A (BVA) to lawfully stay in Australia while your visa is processing.

If you want to travel outside Australia while waiting for your visa, you will need to apply for a Bridging Visa B (BVB) for permission to travel.

If applying outside Australia, you will have to wait until your student visa is granted before coming back to Australia. But considering the current circumstances and border restriction, applying for student visa from outside of Australia is not certain.


Visa extension could be complex if you do not know the step-by-step procedure. To stand chance to attain a positive visa outcome, based on your situation and residency, you will need to arrange certain documents like Health Check, Financial Proof, etc.


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RACC has been operating in Australia for about 20 Years and is a Registered Migration Agent (MARN1572961, MARN1172003) and an Education Agent.

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