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What is the Professional Year?

A Professional Year Program is a structured professional development program combining formal learning and workplace experience for international students who have graduated from a university in Australia in the following courses.

  • IT Professional Year

  • Accounting Professional Year

  • Engineering Professional Year

Update from 18 December 2023


Accounting, IT, and Engineers received an invitation under subclass 190 on the Victoria Invitation round. Invitations were issued starting from 70 points.

If you receive an invitation and would like would need our assistance to lodge your application, send an email to within 14 days.


Professional Year Validity is officially now 4 years from the date of completion.


The Department has recently adopted a more beneficial approach to Professional Year,  the applicant could have commenced the Professional Year at a time before the 48 months prior to invitation from the time the applicant “completed” a Professional Year is the date listed on an official Record of Completion which is issued by the authorized body or Professional Year program delivery partner to the applicant.


Professional Year Programs run for 12 months and includes 7 months of classes (1 day per week; with the weekend class option available) + 3 months guaranteed Internship placement.


As per Industry experts, this is a great way for fresh graduates to break into the Australian workforce. More than often, talented graduates get recruited upon successful completion of the Internship Program.

Benefits of Professional Year

  •  Add 5 points for Australian PR application upon completion

  •  Build professional skills and earn valuable work experience in an Australian company through the internship

  •  Improve understanding of Australian workplace and cultures

  •  Learn how to communicate in a professional manner within the Australian workplace

  •  Facilitate networking with peers and other industry professionals

MIgration Agent_Immigration Minister

Our Director Michael Moeidjiantho (on Right) with former Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural and Office Affairs Alan Tudge.

When to start?

You can only do the Professional Year program while holding TR 485 (Main visa holder/dependent) or while holding 476 Visa. It is a must to apply for the Professional Year at least 12 months prior to your visa expiry date.

Also, if you plan to apply for PR afterward, it is important to consider the waiting period.

Professional Year in Canberra

State and Regional Migration
COVID-19 had an impact on Invitation rounds, the number of invitations for subclass 189 has decreased and state and regional Migration have been a popular option for many students. State and Regional Migration could be via study stream, workstream, and family-sponsored visa. 

Check out popular study options and in-demand courses:

Professional Area in Regional Area

By doing a Professional Area in a Regional Area, you can keep your subclass 189 (Skilled Independent Visa) option open and concurrently can strive to meet the criteria for State and Regional Migration by meeting the State-specific requirement.


Canberra is the only region where you can avail yourself of 5 points as a 1-year study in Canberra. Canberra has a different points calculation system, which is called the Canberra Matrix.

Read more about Canberra Matrix here:

Please note that,

- Not necessarily all courses will be counted for the study stream and are eligible to give your Migration points.

- The in-demand courses may vary from state to state depending on the state's Occupation list and criteria.


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Accounting Professional Year

IT Professional Year

Engineering Professional Year

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