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TR 485

Graduate Work stream

Social, Community and Welfare workers

''Social Work" is currently enlisted in the Priority Skilled Migration Occupation list. Occupations within the social, welfare spectrum includes: Social Worker, Community Worker, Community Arts Worker, Welfare Worker, Welfare Centre Manager, Health and Welfare Services Manager. It is important to note that, the requirements for Skills assessment and the Skills assessment body for these occupations are not the same. Find below the generic minimum requirements for Skills assessment for these occupations:

Social worker welfare worker Migration

Please note that for VETASSESS skills assessment, the applicant must have a 1year work experience on his nominated occupation. Also, please note that not all courses are accredited by the Skills assessment bodies. It is important to get professional advice before you start studying. 

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Find out various ways to attain a plausible positive Skills assessment for ''Community Arts Worker" and "Welfare Centre Manager".

Skills assessment for Community arts worker
Welfare centre Manager Skills assessment RACC Australia.webp

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Change Current Course

If you are currently studying in a different field and, COVID-19 and any personal preference have impacted your decision and you choose to switch or change your field of study/course to Nursing, you may be eligible to do that.

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  • We do not charge any service fees for student visa applications.

  • No service fee for change of School

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