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Earlier last year, then Acting Minister for Immigration Alan Tudge has announced a new Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL) of 18 occupations that will be able to enter Australia to assist in the country's COVID recovery. Which includes mostly Health-related Occupations and Social Worker. The most in-demand and updated Top Occupation list is also released during this period. The updated Migration Ceiling is a good indication of the future of MIgration.

Migration Ceiling

In-Demand Courses, Priority Occupation list, and Occupation Ceiling 2021


Are you passionate about helping people? Make a positive impact by pursuing a career in nursing. Help rebuild the Australian economy post-COVID-19 by being a nurse. Being of the most prominent in-demand occupation in Australia, Nursing is the most secure pathway to getting your PR.

  • Migration options for Nursing students


  • Master of Nursing without Nursing background:

Medical Laboratory Scientist

Medical Laboratory Scientists have the received second-highest number of Invitations after Nursing in the 2020-21 financial Year. 

If you are considering stepping into the highly in-demand Health Industry, you may consider a Nursing Course. 

​After Nursing, Medical Laboratory Scientists received the second-highest number of Invitations with 242 Invitations. There are only 2 accredited Master of Laboratory Medicine courses in Australia.


Social Work

A Bachelor's or, Master's of Social Work could be your first stepping stone as a career to become a Social Worker.
You can take up a Social Work Course all across Australia.
Please note that the Master of Social Work has a prerequisite which entails that you have completed 2 Sociology related subjects in your previous study. If you are currently studying for a Bachelors


Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teachers and Secondary School Teachers are both in the Top 20 In-Demand Occupations in Australia currently.
You can start your career with a 1 Year Graduate Diploma of Early-Childhood Education course with School having good industry connection with Regional Victoria's Childcare Centres:

ICT and Engineering


Certain Engineering occupations received an Invitation with 90 Points with an approximate waiting time of 8 Months. It is important for the Temporary Graduate Visa (TR 485) Visa holders to take the Professional Year Program Course to maximize their points as much as possible. 

Following is the number of Invitations issued for Engineering Occupations on this financial Year up till the October 2020 invitation Round for subclass 189 and subclass 491 (Skilled Work Regional Visa).


Trade Occupation

Trade continues to be a highly in-demand sector in the Australian Job Market, never more than today where the Economic recovery is at the forefront of the Government's plan. 

Trade  Occupations ​​remain a highly in-demand sector in the Australian Job Market. If you prefer to get accredited and qualify for these jobs, there are certain courses that may help attain the qualifications. Following are a few of many: