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Major Update!

Major changes will be in effect from 1st July 2023.

3264 courses has been listed, graduates of which holding 485 can now apply for 2 years of Temporary Graduate visa (TR 485) extension. Also, if you are enrolled for one of this enlisted courses, you can apply for an extended TR 485 with Bachelor courses being 4 years and Master courses being 5 years.

Download the list of eligible courses (with Institution name) for TR 485 extension

Click here to download

For current TR 485 Holder

  • Temporary Graduate Visa holders with specified qualifications, from 1 July 2023, CAN APPLY for ANOTHER PSW VISA.

  • ​This additional visa will be granted for the time remaining on the visa they hold plus an additional 2 years.

  • No Visa Fee

​*This additional 2 years period is not applicable for Hong Kong or British National (Overseas) passport holders.

For future TR 485 Holder

Australian graduates with select degrees** can apply TR 485 for,

  • ​4 years for select Bachelor degrees

  • 5 years for select Masters degrees;

  • 6 years for all doctoral qualifications

​*Additional 1-2 years of TR 485 for studying in regional area.
** a qualification under the Australian Qualifications Framework that has been awarded as a result of completing a course that is:

  1. mentioned in Course Name in the table in the lists ; AND

  2. identified in the same item by reference to the CRICOS code in the table.

If you already held a TR 485 before and it has expired, you will not be eligible for the above mentioned extension, you may be eligible for 2 years of COVID Visa or, TR 485 replacement stream.

2 Years of COVID Visa with Full Working Right

You may be aware of Covid Visa (subclass 408), which may not be an option for you anymore.

  • From February 2024, the Covid visa will be closed to all applicants. 

  • From 2 September 2023, the Pandemic Event visa will only be open to applications from existing Pandemic Event visa holders.
    All other visa holders will be ineligible for the Pandemic Event visa.

Read more about COVID Visa here

Temporary Graduate visa Replacement stream​​

​​The Replacement stream of the Temporary Graduate visa applications opens for current and former Temporary Graduate visa holders impacted by COVID-19 international travel restrictions.​​

You may be eligible for TR 485 Replacement visa, if,

  1. Applicant must submit the application before 1 January 2027

  2. TR 485 granted before 15 December 2021 AND,

  3. In effect on OR, after 1 February 2020 AND,

  4. If applicant was outside Australia, when the first visa was granted:

    • the applicant must have entered Australia on a day on which the first visa was in effect and that occurred before 15 December 2021

    • the applicant must have later departed Australia on a day on which the first visa was in effect and that occurred before 15 December 2021

  5. If applicant was in Australia, the applicant must have been outside of Australia for ANY period during this time (1 February 2020 - 14 December 2021(have lost time on your visa because of Australia’s COVID-19 travel restrictions)

Replacement Visa success
Timeline (Client Journey)

  • Enrol for Master course: February 2017

  • Graduation Date: December 2018

  • Temporary Graduate Visa (TR 485) grant:  April 2019

  • Temporary Graduate Visa (TR 485) expiry:  April 2021

  • COVID Visa Bridging: May 2021 - August 2022

  • Withdrew COVID Visa, as  received TR 485 Extension

  • Applied for Replacement Visa

  • TR 485 Replacement visa Grant: November 2022

  • New TR expiry date: November 2025​​

TR replacement Visa

Exemption period for non-eligible occupations

Non-eligible diploma graduates will no longer be eligible for the 485 graduate stream. (This is only an exemption for 2022-23 FY). If you have recently completed one of the non eligible diplomas and finished 2 years of study in Australia in the last 6 months; you are eligible for the 485 graduate stream visa, you should consider lodging the 485 application BEFORE 1st July 2023.

We have had clients who studied for 2 years in Australia for a Diploma of Leadership and Management and received a TR 485 grant for 2 years. 

More information on  Temporary Graduate Visa (TR 485)

A temporary visa that allows international students to live, study and work after they have finished their studies in Australia. Not all courses are eligible for this, check out the exemptions and latest updates above and the 2 main Graduate visa streams below:

Graduate Workstream

Applicable for international students who have graduated with skills and qualifications that relate to an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List released by the Department of Home Affairs. 

A visa granted in this stream will be (usually) valid for 24 months. (previously was 18 months) (This change will be in place until further notice)

​Post-Study Workstream

Applicable for international students who graduate with an eligible qualification, and have applied for and were granted their first Student Visa to Australia on or after 5 November 2011.

A visa​ granted in this stream will be valid for two to four years, depending on the visa applicant's qualification.

(To see which work stream suits your circumstance, their requirements, checklists, and fees, please visit Graduate Work Stream  and Post-Study Work Stream

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