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NAATI & CCL Testing

CCL (Credential Community Language)
To apply for Skilled Migration through the points tested system, it is advisable to maximize your points, the higher the points, the higher the chances of receiving a PR invitation faster. CCL is one of the many factors in the points system which can give you points (5 points) for Migration. Upon passing the CCL Test, you can claim 5 points in your Migration points and Skilled Visa application.

The Credentialed Community Language (CCL) test is an assessment of your ability to communicate at a community level between two languages (English and another language). Please note this test is available online only.​

The Certification System is designed to evaluate whether a translator or an interpreter is competent to practice independently. This test is not a professional certification. If you pass the CCL test, you are not certified to work as an interpreter or a translator.

More about the Test
The CCL test will require the candidate to interpret two pre-recorded conversations, known as dialogues, between two people: a native English speaker and a native speaker of the language other than English (LOTE). 

Each dialogue is approximately 300 words (or a few minutes of audio recording), with about half in English and half in the LOTE. Each dialogue will be about a different topic (see below). The dialogues are divided into short segments of 35 words or less, which make up the conversation. 

Results issued before 9 August 2022 are valid for 3 years. NAATI is not able to amend the expiry date of a credential that has already been issued. Results after 10 August 2022 are valid for 5 years.

CCL 1.png

Each dialogue will be about a different topic which reflect real-life situations in Australian society. They are designed to examine a candidate’s ability to understand both languages and communicate in them. The topics may include: 

  • business

  • consumer affairs

  • employment

  • health

  • immigration/settlement

  • legal

  • community

  • education

  • financial

  • housing

  • insurance

  • social services

The exam is currently available for the following languages. Note that unlike PTE/English tests, the CCL Test is not as frequent and sometimes it could be challenging to get a preferred date on time, hence you have to plan in advance.

CCL 2.png

The exam is not very difficult, but you still need to practice as you need to be aware of how many repeats you should take, how to use words when you do not know the meaning, how to use English words, how to interpret when you do not know the translation of a word, what to do when you miss a section.

We have professional tutors who provide online coaching for CCL classes. 

The online class fee is around $695. If you are not confident on taking the exam, you may consider the coaching classes, as don't want to be repeating the exam as it is quite expensive (Exam fee: $800) and not quite frequent.

Check the next available test dates for your language:

To know more about the CCL Coaching class, book a FREE Phone/WhatsApp (Call) consultation via this link:

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