Partner Visa

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Partner visas may be granted for you as the spouse/ prospective spouse/ de facto partner of an Australian citizen/ Australian permanent resident/ eligible New Zealand citizen, either you are a heterosexual or same-sex couple. There are 5 different subclasses of partner visas based on the type of your relationship and where you are when you apply for the visas:

Connected visas

  • Onshore subclasses 820 & 801;

  • Overseas subclasses 309 & 100


Among the 5 partner visa subclasses, visa 820 and 801 are connected.

If you are currently in Australia, you have to apply and pay for both subclasses at once, within an application. When a temporary visa 820 is granted, you need to provide additional documents for the Department of Home Affairs to process your permanent visa 801.

The subclass 300 is an offshore visa, which means you have to lodge this visa application outside Australia. When the visa is granted, you have to come to Australia to marry your prospective wife or husband who is an Australian citizen/permanent resident/eligible New Zealand citizen before the visa expires. To live in Australia indefinitely afterward, you need to apply for onshore visas 820 and 801.


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