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Trade continues to be a highly in-demand sector in the Australian Job Market, never more than today where the Economic recovery is at the forefront of the Government's plan. The Australian Government is delivering a record $1.5 manufacturing Investment to create more jobs. This will allow Australian Manufacturers and Trade sectors to scale up, compete internationally, and create more jobs. 

Along with these, with the opening of Migration and it's aim to go back to pre-pandemic level, it is likely that eligible Trade sector occupants will receive invitations to apply for residency from different states. As different states have their different requirements and occupation list; you may want to consider applying through a state which has more demand for you occupation


  • Investment of $1.3 billion Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI),

  • $52.8 million expansion of the Manufacturing Modernization Fund

  • $107.2 million Supply Chain Resilience Initiative.

  • $50 million will be invested in the Industry Growth Centres initiative to support projects in the priority areas out until the end of June 2022.

Following are few of the most in-demand Trade occupations

  • Automotive Electrician

  • Motor Mechanic

  • Painting Trades Worker

  • Carpenter and Joiner

  • Glazier

  • Bricklayer

  • Hairdresser

  • Sheet Metal Trades worker

Check below the study option for these Occupations. You can also look at the brief summary of these occupations and current and recent Migration status.

Few popular study Options


There are multiple other study options for Trade occupations. As Migration is going back to pre-pandemic level, trade remains as a lucrative industry. Great news from NSW as multiple trade courses are now on NSW occupation list with relaxed application criteria. Read more:

Positive Migration Skills Assessment with ICT/Engineering Diploma courses

You may prefer few other most in-demand Diplomas which are not out and out Trade occupations but will can possibly give you a valid positive skills assessment. These includes diploma level ICT/Engineering courses. Learn more about these occupations by reviewing current and recent migration status and plausible study options:

What is a positive Skills Assessment?

To apply for permanent residency, you need to have a positive skills assessment in a nominated occupation.
Your Skills (sometimes includes Degree + Work experience) must be accredited by an Australian Skills Assessing body and you must have a positive outcome before applying for Skilled Migration in Australia.

Following are example of few of the most popular Skills Assessment bodies in Australia:


  • AACA – Architects Accreditation Council of Australia, Inc

  • AASW – Australian Association of Social Workers

  • CPA - Chartered Public Accountants

  • TRA – Trades Recognition Australia

  • VETASSESS – Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services

If you have been working in your occupation already before certification or in your home country possibly may consider RPL. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) acknowledges skills acquired through formal and informal learning and work experience. The process of RPL assessment assesses evidence of your competency to determine if you meet the required standards and can be used to award a formal qualification or credits towards a qualification.

PR courses Trade courses

Apart from these occupations, "Cabinetmakers'' received invitation in NSW both for subclass 190 and subclass 491 in the recent invitation rounds. "Glaziers" also received invitation in Tasmania and South Australia in this financial year. 

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