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Migration and Study pathway for the most in-demand Occupations in Australia

Australia has one of the best education systems in the world. According to The Times Higher Education World University Rankings (the largest and most diverse university ranking to date), there are as many as 13 Australian universities among the top 200 education providers in the world.


Moreover, the Australian government is continuously working to enhance its education system through initiatives like the Genuine Student Test (GST). The GST, set to replace the previous Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement, is designed to assess the genuine intent of international students to study in Australia. To learn more about the GST, read more here:

​Find a few of the most popular and in-demand Master courses in Australia below

There are study options all across Australian states with each having its own eligibility criteria for Migration, if you do wish to pursue. For example, Tasmania, QLD, and Western Australia - each has its own Graduate stream.

To know your study options and to get assistance regarding course application, book a Free Phone/WhatsApp/Face-to-face consultation with our team via this link:

Teaching and Welfare/Community/Social sector are one of the most in-demand sectors in Australia.​ The demand surged even more post pandemic. Upon meeting other eligibility criteria and successfully completing an eligible course, you can become an accredited Teacher/Community worker or a Social Worker. You may also become a Community work, upon completing an accredited Diploma of Community work course:

The above mentioned course, 1 Year Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood Education is equivalent to the 1st year of Master. You can possibly become and Early Childhood Teacher upon completing this course and meeting other requirements. 

Master of E-learning

Online Teaching method has come to the spot light since the start of COVID. More and more teaching practices are 

  • Duration: 2 Years (4 semesters)

  • Tuition Fee: $6,750/semester

  • Instalment payment option available

  • 3 Years of Temporary Graduate Visa upon completion* (Full Time Work Right)

  • For more information:

IT Industry & IT Courses: The tech sector is now a major part of the Australian economy, and the IT industry is growing continually across the country.  The IT courses enable students to develop their skills towards elements of telecommunications, information security, software development, business analytics, etc. There's an array of occupations which may be eligible to choose from upon completing the course 

Master of Research: Empowering individuals with the tools to delve deeply into their chosen academic disciplines, fostering an environment of intellectual curiosity and innovation. This program opens doors to a multitude of potential career pathways, transcending traditional boundaries and offering the opportunity to make significant contributions to various fields of study, research, and practice.

Master of Research

The Master of Research is specifically designed to develop the skills needed to design and conduct research in educational and professional settings in response to these challenging times.

master of research (3).png

Health sector occupations are the most-in demand jobs in Australia currently. However there is a misconception that Registered Nurse is the only occupation which is in shortage.

Enrolled Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Sonographer, Food Technologist, Medical Laboratory Scientists - all are in high demand and people are receiving consistent PR invitations. There are multiple study options: 

These are just few of the most in-demand options. There are more study options all across Australia for different occupations and profession group including Graphics Designing, Trade, Cookery courses etc. 
Book a Free Phone/WhatsApp Consultation with us to discuss your options in detail:

Apart from these, you may all consider few affordable Master courses. There are few occupations in the Short Term Skilled Occupation list, which are also in high demand in across different states. The demand for these occupations varies from state to state. Find out few of the most affordable study options you may consider:

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