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Preparing for Australia's Student Visa Reforms: The Genuine Student Test (GST) Explained

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Australia's Department of Home Affairs is making big changes to the student visa system. One of them is planning to replace the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) with the Genuine Student Test (GST). Even though the details are still being worked out, kids and schools need to get ready for these changes. What you need to know is this:

1. How to Understand the Genuine Student Test (GST)


The GST, or Genuine Student Test, is your gateway to studying in Australia. It's designed to assess your genuine intent to study and your eligibility for a student visa.  Imagine it as a thorough evaluation that considers several essential aspects:

  • English Proficiency: Your proficiency in English will be assessed, ensuring you have the language skills required for your chosen course.

  • Academic Background: Your academic qualifications will be reviewed to ensure they align with the educational standards needed for your intended program.

  • Financial Capacity: Demonstrating your ability to financially support yourself during your study stay in Australia is crucial.

  • Purpose of Study: You'll need to clearly articulate your motivations for studying in Australia, highlighting your genuine educational goals.

  • Links to Australia: Showcase your connections to Australia, demonstrating your commitment to its educational landscape.


Instead of just writing (GTE), GST will be done by a visa officer in an interview. The visa officer will ask the applicant questions about why they want to study in Australia, what their goals are for the future, and what their financial situation is like. The visa officer will also look at the applicant's English skills and school background.

The Genuine Student Test (GST) is seamlessly integrated into the student visa application process, simplifying the assessment. While it may be more rigorous than the previous Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement, it ensures fairness and transparency.

2. What Should You Do?

  • Early Application: Students who want to start their studies in Australia in 2024 should get their visa applications ready and send them in before the end of the year to avoid any problems with GST.

  • Visa Application: Even if you want to start in January, it's best to finish and send in your visa application before the end of the year to avoid problems with GST.

  • Stay informed. Check formal government sources for updates on GST and ask migration experts for help if you need it.

Click here to Find out more about the reforms the Department of Home Affairs is making to Australia's student visa system.

3. What's Next?

Get ready for the changes that will be made to Australia's student visa system and make sure your academic future is safe. Act now and book a free meeting with one of our experts to learn how to deal with the GST and make sure your move to Australia to study goes smoothly.

Book a FREE Phone call or WhatsApp consultation with us to learn about the Application process, intake dates, and other study options:

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