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Why choose to study in Australia

Australia is one of the most chosen countries to study overseas. There are more than a few benefits:

  • Top universities in the world

  • 40 hours per two weeks working right

  • 2-4 years Temporary Graduate Visa after study*

  • Culture diversity

  • Food from all over the world

  • Lots of outdoor activities

  • Opportunities to study abroad in America or London with a scholarship


Most importantly, Australia is a migration friendly country that you can pursue PR after you graduate.

Why choose RACC to help you apply courses/schools in Australia?

  • FREE consultation to find you the most suitable course

  • NO service fee, NO bond and assist you through every step:

  1. apply for the school and keep you updated

  2. help you get COE  

  3. help you prepare all documents for visa application

  4. lodge student visa application for FREE

  5. arrange your health examinations

  • FREE consultation and NO service fee to help change courses/schools

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