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Global food

Master of Global Food &
Agricultural Business

Duration: 2 Years
Tuition Fee: $23,000 / year
Initial Deposit: $11,500

Career outcome: 

With the global population growing at a rate of over 1 % per year, meeting the food requirement of all these people is going to be a challenge in the coming years. One of the ways in which this challenge can be addressed is through the adoption of the latest technology in the field of agriculture.

Globally the agricultural sector is moving at a vast pace, and it is incumbent that Australia keeps up with the pace in terms of finding business solutions, operations, and adapting to new business models.  This course will help to conceptualize with practical skills to solve global challenges and start a rich career in food and agriculture-related industries.

Whether you are interested in the public or private sector, the program opens a wide number of possible career paths, including government departments, research centers, international funding agencies, food retailers, financial agencies, agricultural consultancy services, and non-government organisations.


Agricultural Operations Specialist

  • Renewable Energy Analyst

  • Agricultural Manager

  • Dairy Economist

  • Agricultural Operations Specialist

  • Agricultural Policy Specialist

  • College Agricultural Sciences Teachers

  • Agricultural Accountant

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