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Queanbeyan Migration

Canberra State and Regional Sponsor

To be eligible to apply for Canberra State and Regional Sponsor, you need to be residing in Canberra.

Duration of Stay

  • for subclass 190: minimum 6 months

  • for subclass 491: minimum 3 months

You may also live within a 30 minute commute of Canberra as long as you are working in Canberra e.g., Queanbeyan. Queanbeyan is a city located in the Southern Inland Region of NSW and also, categorized under Southern Inland Regional Development Area.
If you reside in Queanbeyan, and meet the criteria for ''NSW 491'' and ''Canberra State and Regional Sponsor", you may be eligible to apply for both "NSW'' and "ACT'' State and Regional Sponsor.

What is the employment requirement under Stream 1 - 'Living and Working in Regional NSW'?
  • To be eligible for NSW nomination under this stream you must: 

  • hold a valid skills assessment for an occupation that appears on the Stream 1 combined occupation list

  • have been living and working in your nominated (or closely related) occupation in a designated regional area of NSW for the past 12 months for a minimum of 20 hours per week.

NSW RDA Southern Inland Region

RDA Southern Inland works across a region that takes in seven local government areas in the south-east of NSW, encompassing 44,639 square kilometres of NSW land area. It is uniquely located between the two biggest population centres and domestic economies in Australia - Sydney and Melbourne, and surrounds the Australian Capital Territory. 


  • In 2019-20 FY, RDA Southern Inland welcomed 217 Skilled migrants into the region, filling roles that were unable to be recruited within the local workforce.

Queanbeyan RDA.webp

What does this mean?
Hypothetical case:

  • You and your partner are residing in Queanbeyan, you have positive skills assessment as an 'ICT Security Specialist' and currently working in Canberra and your partner currently has a positive skills assessment as a 'Mechanical Engineer' which is in the RDA Southern Inland list, you and your partner can apply through both ACT and NSW stream upon fulfilling the eligibility conditions. 

  • You are single and residing in Queanbeyan, you have positive skills assessment as an 'ICT Security Specialist' and currently working in Canberra  (Part time) and you also are working part time in your nominated occupation in RDA Southern Inland; once the 491 stream opens up for RDA Southern Inland, you may be eligible to apply for both NSW and Canberra Regional Sponsor.

Find out the full ACT (Canberra) Critical Occupation list:


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