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Bachelor of Design Visual Arts

Bachelor of
Design (Visual Communication)

  • Duration: 3 Years

  • Tuition Fee: $ 20,015/semester

  • Up to 50% Scholarship

  • Eligible to apply for up to 3 Years of Graduate Visa (TR 485) after course completion

  • 30 Additional Migration points for studying and residing in Canberra for 3 years

Students who earn a bachelor's degree in graphic design develop skills in design layout, photo editing, and digital illustration. Students learning things in colour and image selection and learn how to design different kinds of media, including print and digital graphics.

Some designers focus on website design, while others enter fields like video game design, creating environments and characters. Graphic designers can also pursue managerial positions as art directors.

​The curriculum of a graphic design program teaches students how to design graphics for multimedia applications. Students learn the basics of color theory, typography, and digital imaging. These courses help prepare graduates for entry-level positions like designer and production artist.

Invitation round Graphics Designer Migration

Career Outcome

  • Advertising art director.

  • Animator.

  • Artworker.

  • Concept artist.

  • Creative director.

  • Graphic designer.

  • Illustrator.

  • Exhibition designer

  • Game artist

  • Interior and spatial designer

  • Urban designer

  • UX designer

At RACC Australia - We do not charge any service fee for Student Visa applications.

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Graphics Designer is a High Demand Occupation in Canberra. There invitations issued for Canberra State and Regional Sponsor from 65 points and consistently the occupation is being invited in 2021 and currently is in the ACT Critical list.

Following are the points which received an invitation for Graphic, Designers, and Illustrators:

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