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Bachelor of
Engineering (Mining)

Duration: 4 Years
Tuition Fee: $14,600* / semester
Initial Deposit: $2,000*
*Up to 20% scholarship
Fee after Scholarship
Only $11,680/semester

Mining engineering graduates have the highest employment rate of all engineering specialties—92 percent*—with industry forecasting significant job growth into the future. Mining engineers are involved at every stage of a mining operation in particular ore extraction and processing. They gather valuable minerals or metals and provide a backbone industry for society. There's an exciting future for mining engineers with the revamped and improved traditional mining plus many new advances. This is expected to further create a wealth of job opportunities around Australia and overseas.

Once you complete the degree, you are eligible to start your career as :

  • Geotechnical engineers 

  • Environmental engineers

  • Drilling and blast engineers

  •  Ventilation engineers

  • Mine planning engineers

  •  Geostatisticians

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