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Bachelor of Nutrition Science

  • Duration: 3 years

  • Fee: $18,200 per semester

  • Up to 50% Scholarship available and tuition fee can become only $9,100 per semester

  • Temporary Graduate Visa upon course completion

The focus on health and wellbeing through food consumption is increasing. The world’s economies are also looking for new ways to add value to raw produce.

Put theory into practice in our state-of-the-art food sensory labs. Designed just like those in industry settings, our labs provide hands-on experience that prepares you for the workplace.

On top of that, you will gain at least 75 hours of additional workplace training through industry placement.

In this course, you will have a real impact on population health, and improve the wellbeing of communities and you will study a broad range of subjects that unlock a variety of career opportunities across health and nutrition industries. Gain a comprehensive understanding of:

  • the role of food in disease prevention

  • nutrition education and research

  • food choice and intake

  • food regulation

  • nutritional physiology

  • lifespan nutrition

  • sustainable food systems

  • the science of food

Food Technologist Invitation round update
Food Technologists recently received invitation in Victoria and South Australia.
Invitations issued starting from (excluding state points),

  • 75 points for subclass 190 (Victoria)

  • 60 points for subclass 491 (Victoria)

  • 75 points for subclass 190 (South Australia)

If you received an invitation already and need help with your visa application, send email to

If you’d like to know more on your most suitable pathway, book a PR pathway Consultation with our Registered Migration Agent (MArn1572961)

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