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Diploma of Accounting

Diploma of Accounting

Duration: 1 Year

Tuition Fee: $4,400

Initial Deposit: $1,000 

Diploma of accounting programs introduce accounting basics like simple organization and accounting methods, and then move into specialized training, such as taxation and auditing. In this course, you also gain experience working with sophisticated accounting software and other accounting systems. The goal of these fundamental classes is to prepare you to practice accounting in the real world.


These course include business law, statistics, financial planning and ethics, and could potentially include a work placement where you can experience operations in an accounting firm or practice.

This program is also provide to specialize in specific areas of accounting, including (but not limited to):

  • Forensic Accounting. Providing accounting services suitable for legal scrutiny. Forensic accounting is viewed as the "science" of accounting and is considered the highest form of quality assurance.

  • Tax Accounting. Specializing in helping people and businesses prepare their annual tax returns. While this may seem like bare-bones accounting, it is often in high demand come tax time.

  • Financial Auditing. Investigating financial processes of organizations, businesses and people to ensure they are adhering to government standards and are considered to be truthful and accurate.


Career Outcomes:
🔹 Auditor
🔹 Information and Technology Accountant
🔹 Financial Analyst
🔹 Tax Accountant
🔹 Managerial Accountant
🔹 Corporate Controller
🔹 Financial Officer

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