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21 July 2023 

From 26 July 2023 TOEFL iBT will no longer be offering English language tests for Australian visa purposes until further notice.

IELTS to introduce one skill retake

For Australian visa purposes, the Department will accept IELTS test results that include OSR (One Skill retake), with the exception of applications for subclasses 476, 482, and 485, which need scores from a single sitting/attempt.

IELTS has launched One Skill Retake with availability initially in eligible Australian test centres only. More information will be available soon, so keep an eye on the official website:

Find out the official IELTS eligible test take centre:

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IELTS and PTE are the 2 most popular English exams among Migrants for study and Migration purposes. Check below the score comparison of IELTS and PTE


Minimum English score requirement to apply for courses in Australia

Generally this depends on the School and the course as certain school/course has specific requirements

  • Some schools (generally smaller schools) have English placement Tests. But it is still advisable to take the English exam as it strengthens the application.

  • Generally accepted English exams – IELTS/PTE

  • For Diploma courses – (Generally required overall score is 5.5 with no bands less than 5 on IELTS)

  • For Bachelor/Master – (Generally required overall score is 6.5 with no bands less than 6 on IELTS)


Skilled Migration points for English

  • 10 Migration points for Proficient English (At least IELTS 7 or PTE 65 on each bands)

  • 20 Migration points for Proficient English (At least IELTS 8 or PTE 79 on each bands)


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