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Migration Pathway and Study options: Nursing

Date: 28 January 2021 (Thursday)

Time: 6 PM - 7:00 PM

Online Webinar Registration Link:

Registration will start at 5:45 pm

(Please join by 5:45 and wait in the waiting room, access will be granted after verification, please Join in with your FULL NAME (the one used in this registration form)

- - - Topics within this session include general info:

✅ Visa 408

✅ Migration pathway for Nursing Occupations

✅ Diploma of Nursing all across Australia

✅ 2 Years Bachelor of Nursing

✅ Master of Nursing without Nursing background

✅ Who are considered as Critical Sector workers?

✅ Migration pathway for overseas Nurses

✅ Study options for overseas Nurses

✅ Nursing and Related Courses

✅ update on Bridging course EPIQ


In regards to any specific Migration inquiry/study option and Visa related query, please book a Free Online Consultation with us:


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