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South Australia State and Regional Sponsor


25 October 2023

South Australia has 4th highest number of visa allocation for it's State Nomination program, just below Victoria, NSW and WA. However, the whole South Australia including it's capital Adelaide is considered as a regional area. Regional area has it's benefits in terms of visa options as you may get additional points for residing and studying in regional area as well as an applicant from a regional area of Australia may get additional points for his or her visa application. 
Find the state wise visa allocation for 2023-24 FY:

Unlike previous financial years, South Australia, had a change in their Migration nomination program. Previously each occupation had it's own set of requirement for work experience. From this financial year, all occupations from the 400+ SA occupation list needs to have at least 6 months of post study work experience  to meet the SA subclass 190/491 eligibility criteria. SA has multiple streams with prioritization to it's graduates.

More information on South Australia State Nomination Program

  • You can now directly lodge your application from overseas or while residing in SA.

  • You may be eligible for PR with Graduate Streams

  • More than 400 Occupations in the SA Occupation list

  • Multiple Streams available

South Australia has multiples streams. Read more about these streams and find out about the latest PR invitations issued to applicants from 100+ different occupations. Find out about the latest invitation round and different SA streams:

Find SA 2023-24 occupation wise Invitation round update 

Please note that these are active EOI with invitation status within the July-Sep 2023 period which is an indication of invitations issued within the 2 month period of active EOIs.
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