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Talent and Innovators Stream

Streams Under this includes:

  • Employment Stream

  • Outer Regional South Australia Workforce Stream

  • Start-up and small business stream

  • High performing Graduate stream

  • Independent talent

 Employment Stream 

For highly skilled migrants working for South Australian businesses.

Major Eligibility condition for Employers

  • Be a business in one of South Australia’s priority Growth State industry sector, or is an integral part of the supply chain supporting these priority sectors 

  • Be an existing business for at least 12 months, and have a premise located and operating in South Australia for the last 12 months

  • Have annual turnover of at least $4 million: 

    • Exemption of the minimum annual turnover

      • businesses who operate in  outer regional South Australia may be exempt from the annual turnover requirement

      • start-up companies may be exempt from the annual turnover requirement

Major Eligibility condition for Applicants: 

  • You must be earning a high base salary threshold commensurate with the expectations of the talent program (at least $80,000 full time).

    • Exemption may be available to the salary threshold for highly skilled applicants who are

      • working for a start-up

      • working for a business in outer regional South Australia

      • a recent graduate

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  • You are expected to have considerable relevant work experience in the field, however limited experience may be considered in some cases

  • Your employer must provide a short business case (maximum 2 pages) demonstrating how you, as the applicant: 

    • have the qualifications, specific skill set and relevant experience commensurate with the job  

    • will bring new ideas, skills and innovation to South Australia and can support local job creation

    • will contribute to South Australia’s priority Growth State industry sectors. 


Note: if your nominated occupation is only available for the Talent and Innovators program and you have been working been working in your nominated or closely related occupation for at least 12 months in South Australia, you can submit a registration of interest for consideration. 
Download the Full Occupation List only OPEN for ''TALENT and INNOVATOR" Stream:

Download the Full Occupation List Open only for 'Talent and Innovator' Stream

Click here to download

 Outer Regional South Australia workforce stream 

For skilled migrants working for outer regional South Australian businesses who wish to provide a submission for consideration.  

Major Eligibility condition for Employers: 

  • Be a business in outer regional South Australia

  • Be an existing business for at least 12 months, and have a premise located and operating in outer regional South Australia for the last 12 months.


Major Eligibility condition for Applicants: 

  • You must be in South Australia on an existing temporary visa, and already commenced working for the business.

  • You are unable to meet the published requirements and wish to submit a registration of interest for consideration. Reasons for being unable to meet the published requirements include visa expiry, losing points for age, document expiry, or working less than 20 hours per week or 40 hours per fortnight.  

  • You should include a letter of support from your employer and a submission outlining why you should be considered for nomination. Registrations of interest will be considered on a case by case basis.

 Start up and small business stream 

For entrepreneurial skilled migrants who have started their own business


Major Eligibility guidelines with demonstrated evidence includes: 

(this is an indicative guide, you can submit a registration of interest for consideration if you are close to meeting the guidelines)

  • Your business must be established in South Australia and operating in South Australia for the last 12 months

  • You must have resided in South Australia for at least the last 24 months

  • If you are an existing SISA visa holder you must have an established business in South Australia for the last 6 months and resided in South Australia continuously during this time.

  • Your business must be able to give you a personal income that would meet the minimum taxable income requirement set by the Department of Home Affairs

  • Businesses aligning with the priority Growth State industry sectors, will be favoured.

  • Businesses employing at least two employees (other than the applicant) on an ongoing full-time basis will be prioritised

  • You must provide a business case (maximum 2 pages)

  • Self employed applicants and sub contractors must apply through this stream

  • Only the business owner can apply through this stream. Business structures can include sole trader, partnership, company, and trusts

  • Franchise businesses are ineligible for this stream. 


 High Performing Graduate Stream 

For high performing graduates who have completed their qualification at a South Australian higher education institution.  

Find out the eligibility and work requirement exemption for High Performing SA graduates:

 Independent Talent 

Major Eligibility guidelines include: 

  • You must be residing in South Australia 

  • You are expected to have at least 95 points (including state nomination points) in your Expression of Interest (EOI) on Skill Select, however lower points may be considered in exceptional cases.
    Read more:

Find the full SA Occupation List here:


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